Psychedelic Science in the Media

22 04 2010

Still absorbing the conference.  It fell right in between some midterms and a cold slammed me as soon as I got back.  All I can say right now is that it was truly historic, sincerely inspiring, profoundly emotional and intellectually charging.

Here’s the first batch of mainstream media attention garnered by the medical conference.  It’s only 3 days after it ended so I’m sure more is yet to come.

Two videos from CNN; a video segment with Rick Doblin and Dr. Michael Mithoefer and one with Dr. Steve Ross and Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

and below are links to several mainstream articles and reports:

New York Times (Front page, above the fold!)

The Lancet

Philadelphia Inquirer


Metro Active

Nature Magazine

Santa Cruz News

Scientific American

Psychiatric Times (requires free registration)

Popular Science

Yahoo News

The Associated Press

Huffington Post (Amanda Fielding transcript)

National Post

Fox News Atlanta

Digital Journal

AOL News

CBS News

Iran PressTV

San Jose Mercury News

The Times of India




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30 04 2010

…you rock!

: )

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