Extraordinary Visuals

2 04 2010

These videos are phenomenal!   The first is a compilation of various graphic artists real-time animation coding, each designed to be synchronized with live music.

The second is made by Farbrausch & Neuro and synced to a great track by Paniq and should definitely be seen full-screen and in HD so hit play and select 720p HD then pause it if you need to let it buffer first.





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6 04 2010

Here are some of my favorites:

Farbrausch: Debris (2007, PC)

Andromeda Software Development: Lifeforce (2007, PC)

Satori: Metamorf (2000, PC)

Satori: Incyber (2000, PC)

Oxygene: Contrast (1996, PC)

Replay: Two watermelons and one indoor ape (2000, PC)

Exceed: Heaven Seven

Sunflower: Tesla

MFX: Deities

UKScene Allstars: Route 1066

Farbrausch: fr-025: the.popular.demo

mfx – KYKLOP

Quite: hypnoise, part1 – chipyxa#6 invitation

(The last one may be my all time favorite. Otherworldly.)

For maximum enjoyment, it’s recommended to search for and download these productions in their original executable form from http://www.pouet.net and run them on a Windows PC equipped with a decent video card and good speakers. (The quality of YouTube video captures is very low compared to the real thing.)

26 04 2010
Alex Dedul

Nice, thank you :).

29 04 2010
jarko almuli

AMORzzzzzzing, this work!!!!


8 05 2010
Leonard "paniq" Ritter

Teleomorph is my favorite psychedelic news site, I follow your feed since a few months now.

Thanks for featuring Masagin, just found out it got embedded here. It’s a great honor :)

8 05 2010
Evan 057

Thanks Leonard. You work is amazing, keep it up!

4 07 2010
Evan 057

WowW !! thanks so much for the links CELLUX!!!

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