Free-Range Serfs?

22 03 2010

Are we all experiencing a prefabricated hallucination while of our souls are being harvested to keep a machine running?

Are we all free-range serfs?  Mistaking a predatory economic structure for the limitations of our freedom?

This video illustrates some interesting perspectives and draws some meaningful conclusions about things in the social and political spheres.




2 responses

24 03 2010

real good strong clear video. the only bit i would like to ask questions about is last bit where its stated that ‘philosophy’ is opposite to ideology.
Well, as far as I am aware philsophy began in anceint Greece amongst the *aristocrats* who generally saw nothing wrong with slavery or misogyny, and many who were disdainful of nature, such as ‘father of philosophy’, Plato.

25 03 2010

I also wasn’t impressed with the notion that Ideology and Philosophy represent the worst and the best of human thought and achievement, but for different reasons than you Muzuzu.

Philosophy is derived from filo=love and sophia=wisdom. So philosophy is the love of knowledge or wisdom. The fact that philosophy as we know it developed in a society founded on slavery doesn’t mean that philosophy is inherently pro-slavery just as the fact that most of the founding fathers of the USA were slave owners doesn’t mean that the the constitution is inherently pro-slavery (in the conventional sense of slavery at least).

My objection against the disdain of ideology and celebration of philosophy is that the people behind this video seem to overrate the power of the rational mind and its ability to get us out of this mess of a situation we’ve created. Sure, religion and dogma and superstition and all of that has had a detrimental effect on the human spirit and caused much suffering in the world. It was not the superstitious mind-frame which created the atomic bomb or engaged in the cold war, however. In factm these modern-day travesties and atrocities were committed by people who’s mind were deeply rational, yet the outcome was clearly bat shit insane.

Philosophy and illumination of the rational mind is part of the solution but if hold up as the pinnacle of consciousness evolution it quickly turns sour.

Great video overall and much food for thought.

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