Bouncing Bear Botanicals Raided

6 02 2010

UPDATE:   Go here:

Just got wind of this awful travesty from EROCx1:  Jonathan Sloan, owner of the internet’s most popular an respected ethnobotanical vendor, Bouncing Bear Botanicals, has been arrested and charged with eight felony drug offenses, even though nothing he grew or sold was illegal. They seized thousands of plants and cacti and all his money and bail is apparently set at 1 million dollars.  More info at EROCx1.

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4 responses

7 02 2010

The people that do it, their masters, and the supporters of it, are completely irrational. capricious, and insane, and show is quite clearly the state of things!

9 02 2010

… they did it because simply because they can …

11 02 2010
Lord of Numa

It was apparently because Bouncing Bear Botanicals did not say that the K2 smoking blend was “Not for human consumption”

1 03 2010

It is time for a tea party my friends. I really thing the time has come. The constitution says we have the right to liberty, freedom, and the pursuit of happiness. I cannot see that when the government takes away your house or life savings for a simple tax error how that is constitutional. Nor in this case that the FDA froze this persons bank account. And then illegally raid this place. Also that these people jail our countrymen for victimless crimes like drugs and then take away their right to vote. Fellow countrymen it is time to have some balls and do something. Anyone who wants to buy JWH-18 can write me at

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