Was breeding the CBD out of cannabis a mistake?

29 01 2010

Amanda Feilding of the Beckley Foundation and other researchers suggest that negative psychiatric side-effects of cannabis consumption, such as aggravation of latent schizophrenia, could be a result of too little CBD, not too much THC.

From New Scientist:

So-called “skunk” does contain higher than normal concentrations of the main psychoactive compound, a molecule called delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). What is less well known is that another constituent, cannabidiol (CBD), has been eliminated from skunk through selective breeding to increase the THC content.

The elimination of CBD may play a key role in the development of psychosis. Laboratory studies have shown that pure, synthetic THC causes transient psychosis in 40 to 50 per cent of healthy people. In stark contrast to THC, CBD appears to have an anti-psychotic effect, at least in animals. Studies in humans, though few in number, have produced similar findings.

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30 01 2010

I truly didn’t know this!
here’s my story—I stated smoking cannabis wayyy back in 1971, and in them days you got a MENU! here’s just a sample of the variety–Nepalese, Afghan, Black, Lebanese (of different varieites), Thai Stick. Congolese, Jamaican, Californian—the list went on. Now this was when it was kind of tail end of the ‘Revolution’ dream and people you bought it from you smoked with and it was a peace ritual

Wyhen I moved back home and had to begin buying it from the street in inner city, at first (still in 1970s) things weren’t so bad–you could trust, but then they started mixing both the grass with non potent herbs, and sometimes JUST that, and the Black (which was all you could get) was swapped for ‘formula’–this foul toxic crap that smelt like tyre rubber when you roasted it, and set on fire! In other words people were getting ripped off UNless you were the gangster incrowd, or knew some cool hippy. But it all went to pot–pardon the pun

So people, including myself were FORCED by the black market to go onto Skunk because it was all there was, and you were guaranteed to get high–VERY high. You only needed a bit to get offa your face

So there we go. The forces, –the criminal world and the politcal/criminals world conspired to do this

I do not trust the mental illness myth with its labels of ‘psychosis’ and ‘schizophrenia’–notice they dont use those fukin terms to describe young people off their heads and killing themselves on that other drug, ALCOHOL!!

Of course you can abuse yourself with any drug, but it is not a mental disease which then needs THEIR LEGAL toxic shit, ‘meds’–which are even worse

I quit smoking altogether well over 2 years ago now and I am very glad I did.

1 02 2010

Yeah… This could be true, on the other hand, it reminds me strongly of most of the anti-Skunk literature around… How is “transient psychosis” defined? Isn’t that sort of the point of smoking ludicrously powerful weed? I personally doubt that you’ll go nuts unless you’re predisposed.

4 02 2010
b oo

yeah i have some master kush and it’s about 3 times less psychotropic than skunk, really feel the difference, but it does incapacitate you if you smoke much.

13 06 2010
Why just THC?

[…] is a link to an article http://teleomorph.com/2010/01/29/was…bis-a-mistake/ and here is one to wikipideia if i find more scientific one ill post it […]

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