The Freedom Movie (Part I & II)

4 12 2009

Freedom lovers, conspiracy buffs and reality explorers will enjoy this two-part documentary tremendously.

The Freedom Movie  is edited really well with a nice soundtrack.  The first part (The Political Awakening) covers an immensely wide range of conspiracy theories, various occult topics and socio-political issues.  The opening sequence of part 1 is a bit aggressive (not a heavy-metal fan) and the chapter near the end about a second American Revolution may be a tad over the top for some, but the second part (The Spiritual Awakening) makes up for that with a focus on the power of love, consciousness and health.

To watch the documentaries, go to and scroll down till you see the two embedded videos for Part 1: The Political Awakening and Part 2: The Spiritual Awakening, which stream the playlists so you can select full-screen and just sit back and enjoy.

You probably won’t agree with everything presented but there is ample enough  information to walk away with many new perspectives.

Here is clip from part II about psychedelics:




One response

23 12 2009

Checking out the site wow!! Would like to invite to come check out the spiritual revolution!! Peace and love~Rochelle

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