Rick Doblin Google Tech Talk

23 11 2009

1 hr talk given at Google covering the curent state of psychedelic research.




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26 11 2009
Matthew Brown

Why not try using 2C-B, Mescaline, Psilocybin or Belladonna rather than MDMA to treat PTSD? Doesn’t Sasha himself prefer 2C-B over all other psychedelics? Hasn’t MDMA been proven in clinical studies to be more harmful than any other psychedelic or is that just more hyperbolic propaganda I really can’t tell anymore.

6 12 2009

Half half…the trouble with MDMA, from Anna Shulgin herself, is that you build up a tolerance for it fairly rapidly. There’s also, as with most of these substances, the danger of spending more time thinking about that world rather than this one, i.e. not integrating the experiences very well. And with MDMA it’s also very easy to get drawn into fake social situations if you’re relying on the drug rather than the insights that remain once straight [the well-known advice never to marry someone soon after a night on E].

With regard to Sasha’s favorites, and I think he’s always been quite careful about stating a preference – as has Anna – because he knows his word will pass as gospel. I heard a talk when he named his favorite drug as red wine. A man with his choices / experience, it’d be like the rest of us about our favorite movie, it depends on the day and the mood.

Belladonna as treatment? Have you taken it? The deeper psychedelics are inherently less predictable – the whole heaven / hell trip – and thus ill-advised for use with PTSD. However much one can learn from a bad trip – and they have their value – to impose that on an already fragile person would be ver irresponsible. At least with MDMA – in a controlled setting, and thus a pure supply – you know what’s likely to happen.

All that typed, and I haven’t yet seen the talk, so I’ll cue it up now.

Keep safe.

27 11 2009

I don’t like the proposed idea of a psychedelic dating site. In fact, when the lecture got to that point, I lost my faith in Rick Doblin and the whole MAPS organization. This is the last thing I want to see when psychedelics become mainstream. It’s just… stupid.

30 11 2009
Evan 057

It’s probably inevitable anyhow.

4 12 2009
Evan 057

Matthew, as Rick says in the presentation, MDMA is a more gentle experience and more easily processed than true psychedelics for most people, therefore, the most likely to gain mainstream acceptance first. If someone swiftly graduates from MDMA and seeks deeper profundity, of course they should have a real psychedelic experience with mescaline, psilocybin, LSD or ayahuasca.

16 12 2009

This is truly a great time to be alive.

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