2009 Singularity Summit videos

3 11 2009

Past few days I have been enjoying these really fascinating presentations from the 2009 Singularity summit.  Some of this material is sheer brilliance and the subject matters discussed are immensely mind-expanding and thought-provoking:

life extension, Artificial General Intelligence, quantum computing, libertarian cyber-economics, mind-enhancement, human-computer interface, synthetic neurophotonics and the quantum correlates of consciousness!

24 talks and panels uploaded so far and more to come:






One response

22 11 2013

சக அஜ ம ப ஸ !//Thank You, brother, for srnhiag your childhood days to adulthood days with us . Really all our generations are enjoyed the same type of games and habits in our earlier days. when grown up we begun to travel in different routes.//ஆம . வ ழ க க ய ன ச ழற ச ய னத நம ம எங க ங க க ண ட ச ர த த வ ட க றத . அன த த ய ம சம ள த த எத ர க ள ள ந ம ம தய ர க வ ட க ற ம . அவ வ ற தய ர க த வ ம ப ப ட ப பவர கள ல ய வ ழ வ ன எத ப ப கள சம ள க க ம ட ய மல ப ய வ ட க றத .வர க க க ம கர த த க க ம நன ற சக .

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