Contact & Disclosure: “They’re heeeeeee-errre”

27 10 2009

Seriously, this is one of the most epic presentations on UFO disclosure and close encounters I have ever seen.   With such astounding footage, fascinating information and uplifting vibe, you will not regret watching this.

Dr. Steven Greer presents “Contact & Disclosure: The Final Sequence” at the European Exopolitics Summit 2009.




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27 10 2009
Chris Thomson

I totally agree. I watched this after the Project Camelot ‘interview’ with Greer and this presentation further compounded my disbelief at the way he was treated.

The man is very sincere, and doing his bit! Maybe he isn’t perfect, but he is working toward a better future, and he always seems to have that in mind.

Cheers for the post.

27 10 2009

I concure. Dr. Greer knows what hes talking about. Kerrie seems to only go on things she “hears” from people. Not saying that her sources arnt credable but she had no business acting like a bully and treating Steven like an airy fairy bafoon!.

27 10 2009

ehh… I don’t know about this. A shadow government genetically engineering evil aliens to deceive us into thinking there is interstellar war?

27 10 2009

Kerrie totaly seems paranoid in most of her interview questions. Can’t say I blame her, considering her life-path.
I do, however, sympathize, because malevolent entities have been a commonplace forever. And if some highly evolved creatures (be they from a different time, place or other dimension) faced a dire threat to their existence that required them to carelessly ‘experiment’ on a lowly creature such as ourselves for answers, then we would interpret them to be malevolent as sureley as lab-mice and monkeys see us as hostile.

28 10 2009

I have blown hot and cold–mostly cold with Dr Greer. he comes out with the name drops, and all-the-fanatastic-things but NO evidence….?

I find myself in a kind of conflict with him, in that basically I really do WANT to believe in the idea that all UFOS and ETS are benevolent (I personally believe the universe is magical and the KEy is love), but he never mentions the ‘Brazillian Roswell’, the VERy alarming case in 1977 when poor people on an island in Brazil called Colares where people and animals were attacked by UFOs! There were injured, and a few died.
So what is THAT?
Would Greer recite his famous surgery story saying how little kids think that his big needle is bad?
Of course that 1977 event was –as faras i am aware–not common, but it calls to question Greer’s assertions. UNLESS it was really a mad-made staged invasion….? To make us fear the ‘alien’–an early reheasal on poor ‘extras’?

Here is the Paracast interview with Greer–they are not gentle, and Greer could give POLITICIANS lessons in joined-up talking. Maaaan can that guy TALK!

28 10 2009

sorry, forgot to add link to the ‘UFO attack’ I mentioned: HST-UFO Files-Brazil’s Roswell-1

29 10 2009

sorry to break it to you all nut cases, but this dude never had dinner with clinton, obama, etc.

he is a hack. he wants your money.

29 10 2009

ohhhhh it cant be true….!
drops down dead

May I have your name kind sir and I will reward your rapier insight

4 11 2009
Richard Lalancette

muzuzuzus, in response to your so called UFO attack.

Can you tell me who was driving those so called flying vehicle?

How do you know it was not bio-engineered entities created in advanced labs?
How do you know they were not military pilots?

Let me doubt that advance civilisation, that have plenty of anything they want, understand we are all one, would come down just to cause havoc…


5 11 2009

Hi Richard

I really don’t have the answers. I admit to of course being very shocked when I heard of this case. I first found out about it some two years ago seeing a video about it at Youtube which I archived there, and then it was removed. Then recently at the Paracst (just Google that) in their latesy podcast interview—was last time I was there–it is all about that case.

I don’t think anyone mentioned whether it could be a a staged attack, but the very first time I saw it I immediately thought that, because I was familiar with The Disclosure Project, and the supposed warning from von Braun etc

If I could conjure up a video now I would want to see it would have to include that report, others if similar, and the presence of Jacques Vallee to relate if these kinds of cases have any precedent in the past. Ie., it is said the beams of light acted as some kind of vampire-like effect taking victim’s blood hence they called the UFOs similar names to vampires

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