LAUNCHED: The Journal of Electronic Dance Music Culture

30 09 2009

The first peer-reviewed journal for the study of electronic dance music culture, Dancecult, has officially launched!!

I had the pleasure of chatting with Graham St. John last weekend at Symbiosis, who is the executive editor of the journal and also editor of the academic volume, Rave Culture & Religion.  He told me we can also look forward to an entire book about the history and philosophy of Psytrance some time next year.  Looking forward to it!




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14 10 2009
Goa – 20 Years of Psychedelic Trance « The Teleomorph

[…] essays from 25 contributers.  This is not the same book about psychedelic trance I mentioned that Graham St. John is releasing next year, but it also coming out in spring 2010 and it looks great, check out the table of […]

23 11 2009
Technomad: Global Raving Countercultures « The Teleomorph

[…] Global Raving Countercultures 23 11 2009 New book from editor of Dancecult, Graham St. John just […]

22 11 2013

I agree, it is plainly oibvous . Those who have actually read Crowley’s works know that he made little jokes about this all of the time in his writings. Often it was done for flair and the shock factor, but it was also done as a test for the readers. Those who are rational and capable of objectively investigating further into his works are rewarded with learning of the jokes and the understanding he imparted. Those who are not rational will see such writing and jokes as wicked and offensive, and they will fall for the trap. Therefore the kings of the earth shall be Kings for ever: the slaves shall serve. Liber AL vel Legis, 2:58.

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