Christian Ratsch interview on Psychonautica Radio

9 07 2009

Max at Psychonautica has uploaded an interview he conducted with the one of the world’s foremost researchers of shamanism and psychoactive plants, Christian Ratsch.  While Max didn’t ask many questions pertaining to Ratch’s expertise concerning psychoactives and their preperations and folklore, they do nonetheless discuss some interesting topics (and besides, any interview with this esteemed luminary is a rare treat).

Listen HERE.

Chistian Ratch has publish approximately 40 books (mostly in German) on ethnopharmacology, shamanism, psychedelics and anthropology, including the epic tome: The Encyclopedia of Psychoactive Plants.

View his bio on Erowid here.

View his bio on Lorenzo’s Matrix Masters here (also links to more talks by him).

For more about Christian Ratsch read the article, The Psychedelic Sorcerer by popular science writer, John Horgan, here.

I also highly recommend a lecture he gave at the original Psychoactivity conference which can be viewed here,  as well as a talk he gave at Boom festival called 50 years of Mushroom Experience, the video of which can be viewed here.




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10 07 2009

The interview with Max at Psychonautica was great. I found Christian’s comments about mythology and the differences between duality and polarity especially compelling.

His quip, ‘…a lot of people who listen to Mozart are assholes’, in response to the question of whether or not visionary art can be appreciated only by those who alter their consciousnesses, made me laugh out loud.

Thanks for the links.
(btw, I couldn’t find the article about Mr. Ratsch at _The Psychedelic Sorcerer_.)

10 07 2009
11 07 2009

Thank you, kindly.

11 07 2009

The Psychonautica interview made such an impression on me that I woke up this morning wanting to hear it again. In so doing, I realized I misquoted Mr. Ratsch in my comment above.

What he really said was, ‘…for example, if you take Wagner – he was a visionary musician. Most people who love his music are real assholes, and are really totally into politics and religion and stuff. But the fascination of the music is so strong in them that they attract it very much and they dont know why.’

As I understand it, this is because visionary artists create from the well of their multi-dimensional experiences. Whether we are conscious of it or not, all of us are multi-dimensional and so the deepest parts of ourselves resonate to visionary art.

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