Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia

5 07 2009

Vice Magazine TV launched a new drug journalism series called Hamilton’s Pharmacopeia.  The first insallment is about a trek into the amazon to locate and experiemnt with the Sapo frog, a frog whose secretions are used to improve hunting skills (not 5-meo or bufotenine).

It’s broken up into three 20 minute episodes and hosted by a weird and  funny psychonaut named Hamilton.

LINK: The Sapo Diaries. (parts 2 & 3 linked at bottom of page)

sapo frog




3 responses

9 07 2009

leave it to disrespectful thrill seekers, with ego centric garbage of the mouth to disturb and belittle the holders of endangered traditional knowledge.

10 07 2009

I appreciated Hamilton’s sense of humor and his patience in obviously trying times, but I was a bit shocked at his approach to the ayahuasca – especially since there was an ayahuascera within easy reach. He didnt mix the brew properly, didnt create a proper setting, nor did he seek out anyone to sing him through his journey. His disrespect of the sacredness of the vine speaks loudly of his motivation : he seems not interested in getting the true experience of the substance, he’s just looking to get fucked up.

10 07 2009
Evan 057

Vice Magazine has created it’s success by being disrespectful, lewd and hyper-egoic. That’s just their style.

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