Truth & Justice entering the mainstream?

26 06 2009

Two major breakthroughs for the movement for truth and justice on network TV this past month.

Both of these clips are must-see and are great for sharing because because they are directed at general audiences.

First, architect Richard Gage was on a Fox news show and they actually allowed him to use rationality, reason and intellligence without attacking him.  Absolutely amazing:

Second, the Denver PBS station aired 9/11: Press For Truth and gave copies of DVD’s to those who donated:  Blueprint For Truth, which clearly and completely illustrates how the three buildings were demolished and Fabled Enemies, which explores in depth the who, how and why behind the attacks. (They also aired Freedom to Fascism earlier this year, the great documentary that uncovers the heinous criminality of Federal Reserve.)

Press For Truth is an excellent introduction to the problems surrounding 9/11.  It’s the perfect documentary to show to family members or those who reject the ongoing public 9/11 investigation or simply can’t stomach the deeper implications.  It’s NOT about demolitions or perpetrators or conspiracies:  It’s about the incredible battle fought by a group of 9/11 widows against the painful silence and lack of any investigation by the government.  Very well made, informative and touching documentary.

[UPDATE:  because of the unparalleled success of this fund-raiser, the Denver PBS will re-air Press For Truth multiple times this summer!]




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