LSD Samples Analysis

26 06 2009

Detailed research into the constuents of LSD samples.   Lots of data with pictures of samples; check it out:

Also proof that should help lay to rest the myths surrounding LSD “quality.”  There is no ‘bad’ or ‘good’ acid, only strong and weak doses.   LSD is, by far, one of the most potent psychoactives known: active on a microgram scale.  There  are no other chemicals (or by-products of lsd synthesis) that can have an effect on that level.  If you soaked a square of blotter paper in pure strychnine for a week and then ate it wouldn’t even give you a headache.  You just can’t fit anything else on an acid hit (except maybe salvinorin but why would anyone lie or charge so little for that).  Of course this doesn’t apply to anything in pill-form.  Any pressed pills or capsules should always be verified because there are plenty of drugs and poisons that fit in those.   But LSD is never sold in pill-form.  If someone tries to sell you a pill claiming it to be LSD they should be slapped vigorously with a sea cucumber.




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