Joe Rogan: Talking Monkeys in Space

26 06 2009

I think I strained my damn cheek muscles laughing so hard to Joe Rogan’s new 40 minute comedy special, Talking Monkeys in Space.  Brilliant.

Download the torrent of the entire show here.

The opening animation to the show:

Here’s a couple clips (nice psychedelic shirt he’s wearing):

Also here’s Rogan discussing Terence McKenna’s ‘Stoned Ape’ theory and sacred cow-worship on a radio show (EXCELLENT!):




6 responses

29 06 2009

Great videos.. Thank u 4 share..

30 06 2009

Love it! Glad to see him giving Terence credit!

5 07 2009

There’s little doubt that certain plants led to the explosion in human evolution, however, the fact that mushrooms sometimes grow on manure isn’t the only reason ancient civilizations worshipped cows.

At that time, humanity was leaving the Age of Gemini and entering the Age of Taurus; a time in which we lived in accord with Natural Law and in harmony with all of creations creatures. It was an era of peace and prosperity.

After the Age of Taurus came the Age of Aries in which war became hip. By then, the patriarchy had enough of a hold on everyone that books were burned, women and animals were enslaved, and ‘conquering’ ones neighbors was what made life worth living (for the men, at least).

Christ ushered in the Age of Pisces, setting up the paradigm we continue to try to free ourselves from even to this day; that of domination/submission, good/evil, fracturedness/wholeness, separation/oneness.

5 07 2009
Evan 057

Mmm… very deep historical interpretations, Antares. Do you have a weblog or site of some sort with more of your insights?

6 07 2009

Evan, I study and practice astrology. It (and the knowledge given by Seth) has radically expanded the frame through which I interpret reality.

For months now, I’ve been (sporatically and very slowly) working on a webpresence. At this point, the page is up but dead as I haven’t yet figured out how to link the main page to subsequent pages (!). You can see it by URLing my domain name.

12 04 2010

T.M.I.S = insaaannne!! it doesn’t get any better than Joe Rogan. everyone must check this out!

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