Split Banana:

7 06 2009

Halves, thirds, fourths and matrices:

Hiccups, lingering yawns and vu jàdés.

Jubilesqué renunciations are curling into a tooth pit.

Woah!  You’ve got amnesia too?

I thought  (taut, taught) it was just me!

Syncronicity Surfers & Photon Riders;

Been a long time, hasn’t it?

I guess we can’t resist projecting selfhood into the woodwork,

the guts,

the gears,

the grind,

the blueprint, the liquid ballet,

the renegade rhapsodies and the many meaningful retractions.

Subtlety Searchers!! & Thought-pool Divers indwelling human brain:

Start to loosen the leash,

tease out the tether

and acknowledge, once and for all,

the doors body’s breaths let open.

Oh dear Death!  Don’t let this be another poem about YOU!

You  infantile,


wrinkled and easily bruised… …

you torrential and earnestly brewed


You concoction you mixxxture:

you brood.

How dare you, I say?

So sequentially, arithmetically, exponentially rude???

Gently aggressive ghosts;;

slip us away from precocious preposterousnesses,

and tactfully, tacitly guide our sombering voyages towards the essential substance.

Oh what truly, in simplicity’s sake,

is a prayer…  I ask you?

Do you ask me to make an offering of my life?

Or am I asking you to offer me my life?

O!  Answer!  Sweet Answerer!

Command Alt Delete ME!!!

Snuff me out like dust on a feather!

Let my tears make stronger leather!

I have begged and pleaded but you still do not think I am?

I cry this way and side way and inside and out!

Wait!  I can tell;  I must be bothering you with my snout!

Meh…  “How goes it?”

“Well, I try to ignore the blistering pace of change.”

Good to get to know you.   Because everything I do is the art of war and the business of love.   Nothing but a buzz left:  a soft, simple buzz.   Even the dead must sleep.

I sense a soothing blue calmness kissing a heart.

My mind is now free,

and those invisible chains are clear to see.

split banana




4 responses

7 06 2009
Uncle Tree

The woodwork is in synch via tele
bananas are in vogue as such

a mild Sunday coincidence
couldn’t help but to remark

Hello! Uncle Tree

8 06 2009

good stuff. how did the poem come into existence?

8 06 2009
Evan 057

A combination of insomnia and the desire to use language as lifeboat on the rapids of interior experience. (and a little Irish Whiskey).

9 06 2009
Evan 057

uNCLE tREE! The WOOD werk is INDEED in stream! A molten melody of time perplexed !!!

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