Talking Plasma

7 06 2009

Somehow these folks in Russia got simple electric arcs to spark in resonance with broadcast radio waves:




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7 06 2009

Pretty cool :)

11 06 2009

i dont get it. when they touch the two cables together they hear radio signals?

11 06 2009

I can translate what it says from russian if you want to, but without deeper physics knowledge it is still quite a mystery for me how exactly this works.

11 06 2009

Yes, thank you. I’d appreciate a translation, if you wouldnt mind doing it.

11 06 2009

Broadcasting station RW-87, Browary city
Transmitter 150 KWt
Old “radio broadcasts jammer”
90 meter long wire
This is all that is needed for unsafe experiments to receive radio waves
In the work range of the radio waves between ground and long wire huge voltage arise
Because of the radio signal modulation electric arc vibrates with the frequency of the voice and starts to “talk”
Intensity of current in this electric arc could be around hundreds of amperes
Because of such “radio” metal melts and drips
There are no barriers for such a current
Electric arc easily breaks 3 liters jar and a wood
And now about politics… :) (some news in ukrainian about politics)

11 06 2009

Thank you kindly for translating. It doesnt exactly clarify matters, but it does verify that the guys who did the video have a sense of humor. :)

11 06 2009

Yep :)

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