How’s the space weather?

26 05 2009

Early one bright morning in 2000, after a lysergic night in downtown Manhattan, I meandered over to the East River to wind-down.  Sitting on a park bench I gazed easily upon our Sun and pondered what patterns and structures lie veiled by its blinding brilliance.  In an ensuing trance I felt a dialogue emerge between myself and the star, as if we began exchanging symbolic codes in rhythmic significance.  Sort of like a cosmic Q & A:   A discussion with the Sun…

Later that evening I read in the news that that particular day, the solar activity had been the highest in 800 years.

It’s interesting to contemplate how the forces that ebb and flow within solar systems and galactic structures might be directly affecting our moments and realities.


This 5 minute video has nice graphics along interesting information:


These files are all fairly high resolution so if you click them a few times they get bigger.





5 responses

26 05 2009

An interesting post, as always! Many thanks!

This experience you shared intrigues me. I guess I never really considered that one could communicate with the sun at some level, but heck, why not! I guess the rules are the same for any other real communication – for it to arise, a genuine curiosity and openness is required.

Thanks for sharing!

26 05 2009

And the fools worshiped the creation instead of the creator! Tell me again, LSD doesn’t make you crazy. Just what did this ball of fire tell you? Let’s see ….. if it were a spirit ….. would fire be good or evil?


7 06 2009
Evan 057



1 06 2009

Don’t listen to the speculators, I don’t think you are crazy. You touched a fascinating subject. Thanks for the video!

7 06 2009
Evan 057

It actually took me a moment to realize the previous poster [josiahe] was actually being cynical [Damn this whiskey it’ll be the end of me!!]. But I guess those fundamental theists will serve quite the challenge in this trans-combobulated millennium we have in store for us.

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