Peruvian encounter with the Ayahuasca Madre

24 05 2009

Enjoy this brief and very nicely written account of an experience with Ayahusca in Peruvian amazon, written for

Ever since I first began playing with psychedelics as a teenager, I have wanted to do them in the jungle. It took only one or two bad trips in the city before I started imagining the experience away from the car alarms and ambulance sirens, and closer to its millennia-deep origins in ceremony and sacrament.


The shaman, Noemi Vagus, was like no octogenarian I had ever met. Her jet black hair, nimble barefoot stride, and straight-backed squat reminded me more of a teenage gymnast than her elderly counterparts in American cities, with their four-legged walkers, slouching postures, and debilitating arthritis. Then there is the fact that she habitually consumes more elite psychedelics than every parking lot ‘shroom dealer at Burning Man put together.

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2 responses

24 05 2009

I believe that book you are looking for is called “Wizard of the Upper Amazon”.

24 05 2009

Oops. Wrong discussion forum. Sorry.

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