Liquid Crystal Vision

22 05 2009

I was happy to see Liquid Crystal Vision on the ‘hot videos’ home-page of Google Video.   If you haven’t seen it, it’s a wonderfully made documentary about the global psychedelic renaissance with an emphasis on trance gatherings.

Highly recommended.  Although it should be seen in DVD quality to best appreciate the visual effects, sound and cinematography.

Buy DVD here.

Liquid Crystal Vision [2002]

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23 05 2009

Strange. I used to love this film when it was released.

Now I feel something sinister in it. And it is very difficult to find what is exactly wrong with it. It seems sooo positive.

Raja Ram feels like some demon disguised as a wise old man.

Perhaps I see it so because I had not seen the lasting positive effect of the trance scene in my local community. All of us blasted our heads off, imagined the incredible psychedelic vistas portrayed in this film, but our everyday life is still a mess. It seems we are not strong enough to connect the two worlds (heaven and earth). Therefore the psychedelic movement very often degrades into escapism and we don’t have the wisdom to stop/correct this degradation as it happens.

23 05 2009
Evan 057

Good points. We still have so much to learn in our society as per how to navigate safely the other worlds and how to integrate those experiences in a healthy way.

23 05 2009

cellux I really like your comment…I wonder in many ways how the upcoming generation will gather its strength and what sort of strength it will be.

been spending a lot of time thinking about Paul Stamets and the role of the internet as mycelium 2.0

i’m not sure if we have to be as outlandishly psychedelic as many people in previous decades had to be, and perhaps the individuals of india and china and japan who have extensive pasts of wisdom, who have also tapped into the world of electronic communications will turn out.

im a little obsessed with this terence quite i found at riveronmirror.blogspot

“The planet has a kind of intelligence, it can actually open a channel of communication with an individual human being. The message that nature sends is, transform your language through a synergy between electronic culture and the psychedelic imagination, a synergy between dance and idea, a synergy between understanding and intuition, and dissolve the boundaries that your culture has sanctioned between you, to become part of this Gaian supermind”.

Now check out Ubiquity, a beta add-on from Mozilla…and look at Flock too, another new browser….Ubiquity really throws me for a loop

it’ll be interesting, I guess I am saying, to see who will actually enact the most change…the hedonist or the hacker

of course things are not as black and white is this tho, so i thiink there’s plenty of room to be optimistic

undoubtedly, I would like to have a conference about these things…talk about John’s Hopkins’ psilo study….everbody learn about Stamet’s work more indepthly…I mean the man talks to the defense department of the US about preserving old growth forests as a matter of national security! is a short synopsis of some of this stuff…if you wanna see a little more about this internet/mushroom connection tho, check out the presentation page and find the youtube playlist – there’s a 45 minute presentation i gave about a month ago


25 05 2009

You’ve found a precious diamond in the psychedelic state, but you cannot talk about it. It is the source of everything that is important to you, you can derive the full history of a possible psychedelic future – culminating in the paradise on earth, maybe -, but nobody really understands when you try to communicate it. This diamond is on a different level, it cannot be “brought down” in itself. In fact, it does not even exist in today’s society (seen with those eyes). But you know it is there. Just the contact is missing. So you decide that you will try to establish the contact, to somehow “ground” what you’ve experienced – the heavens – onto earth.

But how? You cannot simply speak from the heaven’s point of view. You would only preach to those who already know (or at least believe). And – speaking seemingly authoritatively about such sensitive matters – you would most likely alienate those who don’t! (which is VERY bad if you want to unite the two worlds) It’s sad but true: those who don’t know what you are talking about (= the great majority of the population) will see you as selfish and arrogant. Seeing this, you may tell them to fuck off (or just feel like this, handle them like this – more or less consciously), but I’m afraid this us&them attitude is the final nail in the coffin of the paradise on earth.

If you really want to unite the two worlds, then you must be willing to submerge yourself in the aggressive, mindless, robotic self-delusion that is modern society. This is the price we pay for peace. This is the true act of love, the true way of the bodhisattva, not the escapism: going to India, Goa, Tibet, Nepal and other exotic places in the world, hiding from the rest of the population, creating micro-cultures where we can comfort each other in a shared illusion.

If you have faith – if your faith in the diamond, and everything it symbolizes is stronger than your attachment to the ego – then you can allow yourself to be taken by the Machine, without fear. (“I didn’t know. but I believed. I believed!” says the Oracle – a testament to the power of the transcendent – and therefore often irrational – faith I’m talking about) First you will be swashed away, no doubt. Years, even decades may pass with you swimming desperately underwater, trying to get back to the surface, to get a short breath of that which you remember. Years may pass by without you getting even a glimpse of the diamond for which you jumped into this chaotic mess. You may feel you’ve lost all hope, like dying.

And then, one day you will get a message from the diamond, from the timeless dimension. And in an instant your heart – the heart which you thought was becoming senseless and empty, slowly dying away – will be again filled with the joy of that eternal empire, and they will finally let you realize (because they can finally do that without jeopardizing your mission! – oh how much they waited for this so that they can comfort you) that your suffering has a meaning, had a meaning all along the way, that what you’re doing is in fact *work*, real work, similar to that when you’re working on yourself and the world on acid, but with a much much wider perspective. A tiny bit of this understanding can wash away all the suffering. It simply doesn’t compare. And this is when you can feel how immensely *powerful* that other thing, that diamond is (whatever we may call it, the Cosmic Christ perhaps). “Thy faith hath saved thee.” This is the greatest gift I can imagine.

28 05 2009
Evan 057

TallBridge: I also feel like the internet has mind of its own… like a bacterium with a sense of humor.

Cellux, holy canoli you are onto something. I’m also deeply enmeshed in a weird web of surrender and commitment. I have a very hard time finding something to blame for history. It’s as if something has got to give, you know?

28 05 2009

English is not my mother tongue, so I had to look up the meaning of “something has got to give”… I found the following attempt at explaining it:

“When an irresistible force meets an immovable object something has got to give.”


Well, this shows the difficulties we face as we approach the point of letting go.

I think the same logic applies here than on trips: as soon as you surrender (accept the fact that you will lose IT, whatever important that IT may be for your ego), you die, but then that thing which you thought was really important will return to you, washed, “resurrected”, in a new, living form (before this point, it was just a dead memory of a past experience, after this point, it will be a living reality whose existence is not anymore dependent on you – what a relief!)

So I’d say we shouldn’t be afraid to let go of our concepts (= our “world”). As soon as we don’t need them any more, the real thing will be “automagically” ours. Or if not, who cares? :-)

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