Fox slings new kind of government propaganda on marijuana

2 05 2009

A local syndicate of diseased corporate mind-control project, Fox Networks, used a different kind of propaganda tactic now that they see the war on sick people, drug-users and their families is losing.  The report focuses on the government’s sole marijuana production facility, which has been criticized for various reasons by the scientific and legal advocates of drug law reform in what seems to be a reaction against the rising tide of drug policy debate (and specifically the ongoing case involving Dr. Craker).
The director of the facility says “we have very good high quality material” then shows a barrel of the brown schwag that is their “final product.”  They say that medical marijuana should only be 8% THC and not the “dangerously” high levels (up to 25%) cultivated by growers (uhhh… isn’t less smoke for the same dose BETTER for people, especially the sick?)
They tout how they can “produce any quality of material” yet they fail to mention that they don’t actually supply the requests of valid researchers for legal weed (such as the request to study vaporizer efficacy).   They claim that the medical benefits can be administered chemically (such as in suppositories) and that the “high” from smoking the plant isn’t necessary for the medical benefits.   The director says “the research is clear:  marijuana is an addictive drug” and even admits that he’s against legalization because that would put the facility out of business.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

For more information regarding the case involving Prof. Lyle Craker and the DEA go to the website.




One response

18 05 2009

I think the report is ok, if you consider the target audience. I can imagine that a lot of them are strongly opposed to the drug; reports like this muddle that black/white view a bit.

It’s not perfect, but a good start.

Be aware that Fox is several things… their internet stuff is quite liberal, while the TV stuff is for right wingers. That makes attacking the network a bit hard. Focus on the people, not on the network.

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