The Eyes of the Shepardess

19 04 2009

Terence McKenna at his gaudiest!  In the this foray he is notifying people about Salvia divinorum.

From Terence McKenna describing S. divinorum:

I’m slightly chicken shit to do the pure compound,which by the way- you do 300 micrograms, understand that what that looks like is a grain of salt.  A small grain of salt is a human effective dose.  It comes on so fast that you have no impression of it coming on at all.  You DO it and then after a while you notice that for a long time you have been staring at something incomprehensible.


If you take a psychedelic and you’re not afraid you did too much, you didn’t take enough. […]  The experience will unfold and it is beautiful.  It is beautiful… These deep indigo blues, these cerulean blues against blackness that are like neon and this amorphous sea of [?] kind of shapes that are moving and transforming themselves.




2 responses

21 04 2009

Say saying hi to you guys!

1 06 2009
Gary F. Moraco

Unfortunately the not so bright kids have already brought this to the attention of the television zombies and are making hay of publicity brought on by these dork offfspring.In other words you can actually watch fake doctors yelling at kids and making them feel bad during daytime TV hour.”The Doctors”? Real proffecionals.

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