Vegan – A life connected.

14 04 2009

I used to be an unabashed omnivore and enjoyed poking fun at my vegetarian/vegan friends.  I even thought I was biologically driven to be carnivorous because I had to have my teeth filed down as a kid because they were too sharp and I’m O(-) blood type which is supposed to need extra red meat (not true).  Becoming vegetarian never even crossed mind until one night I had a vivid, deeply disturbing dream experience, and upon waking up, completely lost all desire for meat.  A few months later I went totally vegan.  At first it required a little extra work (always checking the ingredients and realizing how much processed food contains dairy and eggs) but over the past 2 years of being vegan my dietary choices have expanded exponentially.  Now I have more options and ingredients and nutrients and textures and flavors in my diet than I could have ever conceived of when I just ate what society fed me.   Food and eating has become one of the richest and most enjoyable facets of life since I went vegan.

Some people wonder how vegans get protein.  This is utterly ridiculous!!   There are so many diverse proteins available in grains, legumes, nuts, tubers, dark greens, it is not a problem at all.

Aside from the immense gustatory pleasures of having a vegan diet, there are other wonderful, wonderful benefits to your physical and mental health, and as the following video explains, for the environment and the human population as whole.   (Not to mention the unfathomably vast amount of suffering that occurs in the colossal holocaust that is factory farming.)

Don’t worry, this is not a PETA video.  It is not disturbing at all, only showing the beauty that is possible.

Please watch:

(10 min.)


Not "Gyro!"  My name is Amanda!

Please do not put them pita bread. (Try falafel instead!)

Snout overload.



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14 04 2009
memory foam

I completely agree that food taste is better with the vegan diet. Besides the misconception about protein, many people have another misconception — that it does not provide enopugh energy for an active lifestyle. I’ve found that to be false also.

15 04 2009

Been a vegetarian for over 20 years. I mainly thank LSD, Psilocybin and Cannabis which have opened my mind and have allowed me to see true values in life and thus changed my life.

So far i have not gone fully vegan as it’s hard for me to fully give up cheese, eggs and milk, even if i only consume rarely and if i do, then i only buy these certified organic.

Your blog post just pushed me a bit closer to going vegan. Thanks !

15 04 2009

I see a direct corellation between those who seek to expand their consciousness (consciously) and those who actively cultivate compassion.

I do both and have been vegan for over 20 years.

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