The loaded gun.

12 04 2009

Tonnes of molecular-grade, nano-engineered thermite (an extremely advanced chemical incendiary) have been recovered from the 2001 NYC ground zero dust.  [the original lab source would be  easily traceable in a sincere investigation into these murders]  For some reason, a lot of this  explosive nano-thermite remained unreacted and widely distributed amidst the dust (which I was inhaling for months considering I lived less than a mile from the attacks at that time and it reeked like corpses and burning burning plastic for 2 months).   In case you haven’t heard yet, the scientific analysis of these materials is now introduced to the PEER-REVIEWED world of academic journalism.

… Adjust your retinas because you are gonna want to keep up with reading the subtitles on this Danish broadcast.  This is the first of many mainstream media breakthroughs to come:




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