Psychedelic Culture & Shamanism

10 04 2009

(1 min.)




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11 04 2009

Short video but gets the point across which I explore and trying to also communicate.

That is that unlike for many indigenous peoples, psychedelics, which are sacred medicine, they’re not as respected by westerners as much as they should be. There are many reasons for this, a big one is the current scientism. But also that the senarios many of us feel oppressed in make it that many want to escape via whatever means, and often psychedelics are used for this purpose, often mixed with other drugs including alcohol. All of this is self destructive and not really fruitful.

So we have to encourage this deep respect, but in our OWN way. Not by becoming ‘plastic shamans’ which disrespects indigenous cultures.
We have to really understand community, and the continuum between ordinary life where we will need to more start growing own food etc, and understanding that people need expression of emotions and soul…

11 04 2009
Evan 057

Amen Bro! Thanks for replying over here!

11 04 2009

By the way, that last segment of the video is from the movie Blueberry. There’s a big clip here:

12 04 2009

Spot-on Muzuzuzus!
We really need to have a deep and humble look at ancient cultures and the way they use these sacred drugs. However, as you point out, we’d folly ourselves if we tried to become them. Because we’re not them and never could be.

Each culture need to build its own own relationship with these drugs and much like in human relations, it’s a work best inspired by a concious, creative and loving sense of curiosity.

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