The mysterious mutated member mushroom

1 04 2009

1Off-the-wall article from the bawdy Vice Magazine about the strange history surrounding the pernicious ‘penis’ breed of the cubensis species Terence McKenna brought back from La Chorrera:

There is a mythical shroom that is unlike any other shroom. For, you see, this mushroom looks like a penis—not just a little bit like a penis, as many mushrooms do, but exactly like a penis. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? And although mushrooms usually spring forth from the earth as if from the toes of the gods, the penis mushroom is about as natural as a cocker spaniel. In other words, it’s totally man-made and if it were ever placed in the wild it would die instantly.

So what is this magic little cock-looking guy all about? Where did it come from? Who made it? I recently sought to answer these questions and was met with a dizzying world of magic, lies, and unsolved murder. And I was tripping balls the whole time, too.

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2 04 2009
2 04 2009
Evan 057

Thanks PS

4 04 2009

Really interesting….Among other things, I finally understood something more about the mysterious Dr. Stephen Pollock who sold seminal mushrooms kits/spores on High Times in the ’70s and tragically died…
Thanks for pointing out!

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