The biggest mushroom in the Galaxy…

1 04 2009

is 1000 light years tall (about the size of a dwarf galaxy) and has a million times more mass than the Sun.

GW 123.4-1.5 is a mushroom cloud sprouting 1000 light years out of the galactic plane.  It is believed to have been formed when an extra-galactic gas cloud collided with our galaxy pushing the shroomy, super-massive cloud of hydrogen out the other side.

More here.


These guys came in close for largest mushroom in the galaxy but the GW 123.4-1.5 beat them both by hundreds of parsecs.







3 responses

1 04 2009

God’s shroon.

7 09 2009

fucking hell o.O

14 09 2009
bigger shroom

Here’s the biggest.

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