A/K/A Tommy Chong

29 03 2009

I just watched the documentary A/K/A Tommy Chong and have to enthusiastically recommend it.   Often hilarious, sometimes infuriating, thoroughly poignant, A/K/A Tommy Chong is a documentary about the entrapment and imprisonment of counter-culture satirist Tommy Chong by the Federal Government for selling bongs.   With hordes of militant DEA agents with helicopters storming a completely open and legit glassware shop to keep post-911 America ‘safe,’ it is a surreal story that is absurd enough to fit right into a Cheech & Chong movie plot.

Far from being a cannabis-enhanced joke, however, Tommy Chong served 9 months in prison, paid $130,000 in fines and forfeitures and lost all the merchandise stolen in the raid.  To top it off, in 2008, the Federal Gov’t seized 10,000 copies of  A/k/a Tommy Chong from the distributor with no cause or legality whatsoever and has yet to return them or give a reason. Although that might also be seen as pretty good advertising:  The Federal Government does not want you to see this movie!

Here’s the 4 minute trailer:

Website:  akatommychong.com

Tommy Chong Bong




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