Lingual percussion.

18 03 2009

We must keep in mind that the organismic body is the most advanced synth, drum machine and musical instrument accesible to us.  The greatest hope for any technology is to suitably mimic the many feats of nature.  But what is going on when nature mimics technology?

A worthy Drum n Bass beatbox example:

Repeat after me:  “Pronunciation is paramount.”

Very good!

Rahzel is one of the most respected beatboxers in the world.   Here is a 90 second sample of his skill:  Vodpod videos no longer available.

For those interested, this is Rahzel’s (10 minute) “message to the nu-school beatbox scene

Yonkers Jew turned Phish-head turned Hasidim turned reggae-beatboxing sensation Matisyahu on the TV:

For a more extended performance by Mahtisyahu look no further.

Michael Winslow is extremely freaking talented.  In this video he mimics Hendrix and a rave:

Here’s another Michael Winslow clip from Polic Academy.   I almost peed my pants watching this.

… and be sure to check out my previous entries about Shlomo doing Roni Size drum n’ bass beats acapella and the brilliant multi-FX vocalist Bobby McFerrin.

There are also more techno-savvy ‘loopers’ out there who digitally record and layer their vocalizations and lingual percussion into trance or trip hop, for instance this guy.

Any other crazy ill, mind-bending beat box champions I did not mention?  Share what bio-sound musicians you are keen of in a comment below.

And for the pièce de résistance, the Lyrebird!

For more phenomenal, unseen footage of this incredible bird, watch this:










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