Histiophryne psychedelica

25 02 2009

Rare fish, aptly dubbed H. psychedelica, has swirly skin patterns, forward facing eyes and hops around drunkenly on it’s fins.

Read about it here: University of Washington News





6 responses

26 02 2009

Wow, what a marvellous find indeed! Not much known about this fish it seems, but I found some more info over here: http://www.livescience.com/animals/090224-frogfish.html

Just wow.

24 11 2013

Soooo, let me get this straight! The Dr only reemvod the top half of it?! What was the point? In my experience, keloids always grow back and usually even bigger than the original

28 02 2009
Paula Truyens

Wow indeed – what a charming little fish. I want one!

1 03 2009

It´s amazing. In my country, argentina, there are some fishes like this. I´m glad to see that.

24 11 2013

kim jung mi is amazing but it’s so hard to find iafirmntoon about her. none of my friends have even heard of her. personally, i think she kicks kim choo ja’s ass.

1 03 2009
Bedava Film izle

good video. thanks..

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