Life, Liberty Caps and the Pursuit of Happiness

22 02 2009

It is well-established that many of the Founding Fathers of the USA loved to smoke their hemp for it’s illuminating effects, but were some of these philosopher statesmen also initiated with psilocybe mushrooms?

Ponder that as you read this article by historical scholars Mark Hoffman and Carl A. P. Ruck:

Freemasonry and the Survival of the Eucharistic Brotherhoods.

SOME BACKGROUND:   The Liberty Cap not only refers to the psilocybin contaning mushroom that is found all over temperate zones of Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas, but also to the style of hat many know to be worn by the Smurfs.  Also known as a Phrygian Cap or Pileus, it was worn by emancipated Roman slaves as a symbol of their new freedom.  The hat has a rich, long history and was worn by the Hellenistic savior god Mithras and the Anatolian god Attis.  Often it is placed on top of spear which makes it look exactly like the mushroom and, as such, it has been portrayed in alchemical texts and hundreds of ‘coat of arms’ over the centuries and was widely used in the symbolatry of the American and French revolutions.   It still can be seen on many national flags, US State flags and official seals, including the Seal of the US Army (see below) over which it proudly states “This We’ll Defend”.

For many more examples of Liberty Caps in heraldry follow this link.








US Dept. of the Army seal

US Dept. of the Army seal

US Senate seal

US Senate seal

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26 02 2009
News Briefs 26-02-2009 | Psychics Services|Psychics Members Site|Psychics City|Course

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26 02 2009
Thee Electrick Heathen

Excellent piece.

28 02 2009

VERY interesting! Can the extremely evident similitary between the masonic symbolism and the ‘liberty caps’ fungi be just a mere coincidence? Probably the topic would deserve further researches and studies…

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[…] Life, Liberty Caps and the Pursuit of Happiness « The Teleomorph […]

10 03 2009

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“Pursuit” as in the Declaration of Independence’s ‘Pursuit of Happiness”
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