Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis

22 02 2009


This is a comprehensive and thought-provoking 20 minute presentation by Juan Enriquez from the recent TED conference.  He tells it like it is concerning the economic crisis and then takes us beyond to the volcano of technology that is about to erupt.  With wit and levity Enriquez shows us what is happening in the fields of microbe, tissue and robotics engineering and how they are a part of the birth of a new animal: Homo evolutis.




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22 02 2009

This is the most arrogant, patriarchal, elitist, anthropomorphic talk I’ve ever seen from TED. It makes me want to spit.

Mr. Enriquez speaks as if the version of evolution that most of us were taught in school is an unassailable fact (it isnt), and as if that conditioning somehow justifies his position. He sounds like he’s come straight from midieval times with his fear of Nature intact; as if he needs to intellectually position himself as superior because he’s scared of what he can’t control.

Mr. Enriquez also speaks as if the ability to engineer humans and human parts (an ability which would be in the hands of the very, very few who havent shown themselves to care much for the other 3% of humanity) is a good thing. I disagree vehemently.

What’s on the horizon from this seems obvious. Its the myth of Atlantis all over again, including the genetic manipulation and subsequent subjugation of entire races and classes of peoples.

This talk should alarm anyone who would like to see humanity step into its future organically, in cooperation with the rest of nature.

23 02 2009
Martin MS

Thanks for your comment, you really sound like someone who gets what’s really important (well, what *I* think is really important).

24 02 2009
Evan 057

Aww! But that amphibian regrows organs and limbs! Why cant WE do that?

7 03 2009
señor gringo banana mañana

there are so many things wrong about genetic engineering ,for starters let me remind you that the nazis were very interested in genetic manipulation in the form of eugenics.
I don’t think that anytime soon there will be super “humans”/possibly part robots(+a genetically engineerd slave race that couldn’t afford the “super” transformations),but once the possibillity arises it is inevitible that some insane power hungry rich people make use of that,and with use comes the obvious and highly probable abuse wich will open a pandora’s box of unforseen complications.

With the strong urge of these neo “humans” to control everything their urges will themselves spiral out of control and lead only to death and decay of the natural state of things.

also how did he come from the economic crisis to genetic engineering?

8 03 2009
Evan 057

So, how are we to ‘stop’ this pervasive hunger for knowledge of life’s secrets? In my opinion, these technological advances will arise inevitably, and yes, power hungry elites will acquire unfair ‘advantages’ in result which is why we must never give up educating ourselves against the tactics ego-frenzied money-suckers implement against change and transformation.
If we can’t stop the technology, might as well get it to be on our side.

8 03 2009

senor gringo, I also noticed the seque Mr. Enriquez used to enter into the real content of his presentation.

My assumption is that he did that because he wanted to create a feeling in the room of inclusion among elites. It’s true that most of the people invited to the TED talks are among the most well-connected, well-educated, well-monied people in the world. I think he wanted to remind everyone that, like the current world melt-down, they have nothing to fear about the technology he was about to show them (that, indeed, they will be the ones benefiting from it).

Evan, your logic is going in three different directions.

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