Timothy Leary Archives Party

18 02 2009

Below are some videos from the recent Leary Reunion and Archives release party.  (See this post for info about the archives.)

For the media-watchers, here is a KRON TV news piece about the archives:

(3 min.)

There are brief interviews with attendees you can watch onlline.  Click on the name to watch:

Brewster Kahle (3 min.)

John Perry Barlow (2 min.)

Michael Horowitz (8 min.)

Ralph Metzner (7  min.)

Lisa Ferguson (8 min.)

Rene Daalder (5 min.)

And below is the video (in 3 parts) of the brief talks given at the party.

Part 1.       Denis Berry, Ralph Metzner, and John Perry Barlow.

Part 2. Tim’s godson, Joi Ito, Brewster Kahle, digital archivist, Lisa Rein, organizer of the event, and strange attractor, and Dieadra Martino, Tim’s grand-daughter.

Part 3.    Zack Leary, TIm’s son, and Digicongnoscenti, Bruce Damer, who regales us with stories from the Leary archive.




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