Nikola Tesla – Tribute

18 02 2009


(The soundtrack is by Vibrasphere so make sure you have good speakers on when you watch and be sure to turn it up!)

(9 min.)




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18 02 2009
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[…] Iseng Aje placed an observative post today on Nikola Tesla – TributeHere’s a quick excerpt…on when you watch and be sure to turn it up!) (9 min.) Posted in electronic Bmusic/B, energy, Bmusic/B video, nature, physics, psytrance, science… […]

19 02 2009
Simon Stranks

Found your blog through my video. Your blog has some great information collected all in one place, added to my bookmarks :-)

20 02 2009
online sinema

ı cant see videos.

22 02 2009

Bah. A slanted telling fraught with gaping holes.

The story of Tesla’s life can’t be properly told without mentioning the back-stabbing, black-balling, career-jacking, soul-destroying actions of JP Morgan, Thomas Edison, Westinghouse, Marconi and the United States government (among others).

‘American patriot’?! HAa! If that werent so ridiculous, it would be offensive. Tesla was a citizen of the Universe, not of a single, greedy, self-serving nation.

22 02 2009
Evan 057

What you say is 100% true but I still think it was a nice video.

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