10 02 2009

Kymatica is a sequel to The Esoteric Agenda, the highly popular web documentary that nicely ties together modern socio-politics, conspiracy research and occult history.  In this sequel, Ben Stewart focuses on the human story through a more shamanic, mystical lens.  In chapters with titles such as Mythos, Logos, Psyche and Symbol, Stewart examines the collective soul, esoteric economics, cymatics, word magick, archetypes, astrotheology, mushroom cults, and the roots of domination and mass mental manipulation.

Purchase the DVD here or download a high quality torrent or watch it on Google Video.




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17 08 2009
jacques martin


Unlike i hear from time to time, for critizizing this movie you don’t have to be a religious fundamentalist of any sort.

I for myself consider me to be an atheist and i have heavy problems with the nonsense and hocus-pocus promoted in this so called “documentary” and its predecessor.

The fact that frightens me is, that these “New-Age”-Agenda propaganda movies are widely accepted without ANY criticism whatsoever.

Plus they receive an attention that most educational and scientific contributions can only dream of…

P.S.: I know, I could be wrong on this, but if “stewart” is spelled with a “D” (STEWARD) then his name becomes an interesting idiom in context with the particular matter of mind manipulation.

Also notice, that the producer focussed more on fancy graphic effects and hypnosis induction via flickering / pulsing lights and repetative music than on logic solidity.
I am not an expert on this subject but i bet if one would analyze the pulsation frequency, one would come to a pretty intriguing conclusion…

(Sorry for me bad eenglish 4 i is from planet pluto xD)


28 11 2009
S pettit

funny thing, i have been putting off re-writing my book titled ” the trueness of being” for 9 years now, knowing nothing of this authur/film maker, i stubled upon this work by accident by looking through film documentaries on the site. past all of the so called undocumented things others here speak of it hits on what i write in my book, that mankind is selfish to the core and until he realizes this he can never evolve. this is truth no matter who proclaims it. I’m in his debt for what he explains and others to give me missing links to my own thoughts and knowledge i that came about through things taking place in my own life and wondering why which led me to search inside myself for the answers, i assure you if you do the same the end results will be the same as what he states here and what i know also.

7 02 2010

jaques (THIS FILM IS PART OF A GLOBAL DISTRACTION CAMPAIG) martin, the first one to react, is to be found at many other sites who review this movie with exactly the same comment as above..

a true debunk fanatic as i would say, i wonder who pays him..

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