RIP Fraser Clark, Raver Saint.

1 02 2009

Fraser Clark, a counter-culture activist since the sixties, helped to fuse new-age ideals with rave culture which ignited waves of new movements and philosophies.  He organized The Warp Experience parties as well as the legendary Megatripolis event which ran weekly from 93 to 96.   At Megatripolis regular lectures were given by prominent thinkers in the psychedelic movement under the name Parallel University.

To learn more about this highly revered and humble gentleman, you can check out the 2 podcasts available at Matrix Masters and explore the videos available on Google Video by searching Fraser Clark or Megatripolis.

Here’s a 4 minute video about Megatripolis:

And here are almost 2 hours of talks and discussion concerning the electronic dance music phenomena and ethic, given at the recent Megatripolis Reunion / Tribute to Fraser Clark:




One response

3 02 2009

Thanks brother for this nice post about Fraser. Today I put something about him in my blog too (and I’ll add the link to your post to it soon…)

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