Kary Mullis regails over what science is

9 01 2009

Awesome talk by Kary Mullis, Nobel Prize winning inventor of PCR which introduced modern genetic sciences.  (Kary is among two recipients of the Nobel Prize who credit their epiphanies concerning DNA to their use of LSD.)

In this hilariously intelligent rant, Mullis expounds on the renaissance origins of experimental philosophy, the technological age and the problems with dollar-motivated science.  He even offers a sincere eulogy to the dead and buried (FINALLY) theory of Global Warming.

_____Video HERE.




One response

13 01 2009

I don’t get it- is there a mass extinction every however many years as well? Does it even matter if global warming exists or not? It’s clear that we aren’t doing enough for the environment- most people still think it’s okay to litter.

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