6 01 2009

Psychonautica Podcast aired a fascinating talk by Michael Winkleman (co-editor with Tom Roberts of the scholarly collection, Psychedelic Medicine) from the 2008 world psychedelic forum called ‘Psychedelics and human evolution, a view from evolutionary psychology‘.

I recommend this talk as it covers the burgeoning theories concerning the evolution of the opioid and serotonin systems and how they correlate to human evolution.

LINK:  Psychonautica

Of course, research into the evolution of cerebral and sociological interfaces between consciousness and biology is vastly unexplored and ripe with wisdom-inspiring surprises.  Just think what we could learn about life and the mind from the endo-cannabinoid and dopaminergic systems, or the research into the roles of endogenous DMT and 5-meo-DMT, or the quantum geometries of neurological electrodynamics,  or the temporal aspects of consciousness that are so readily catalyzed by certain sonic frequencies and luminous stroboscopes.




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