Most aerodymanic natural form: mushroom spores.

5 01 2009


Mycologists and applied mathematicians at Harvard University report that

the drag experienced by fungal spores is within one percent of the absolute minimum possible drag for their size. But these sleek shapes are seen only among spores distributed by air flow, not those which are borne by animals.

“We set out to answer a very simple question: Why do fungal spores have the shapes that they do?” says co-author Marcus Roper, who contributed to the research as an applied mathematics graduate student in Harvard’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “It turns out that for forcibly ejected spores, the shape can be explained by simple physical principles: The spores need to have a close to minimum possible air resistance for their size. As projectiles, they are close to perfect.”



Spores ejected from mushroom caps hold the record for fasted rate of acceleration by an organism.  The folks at New Scientist venture that it evolved that trait because it lives on stinky poo.

Don’t they know the simpler explanation is that it’s ancient alien engineered technology?    < B )




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9 09 2009
UFO ‘filmed for 40 minutes’ by Chinese scientists during solar eclipse « The Teleomorph

[…] UFO ‘filmed for 40 minutes’ by Chinese scientists during solar eclipse 9 09 2009 Check out the close-up images from the embedded video around 1:14, looks the ship from Flight of the Navigator, like a giant mushroom spore!! […]

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