How did Americans become zombies?

1 01 2009

How did Americans become the (statistically) dumbest, laziest, most illiterate industrialized country on Earth?

Aside from an education system modeled by agenda driven interests,

TV/media brainwashing techniques molded over 60 years

and a death-cult of pharmacologicalism supported by the most most powerful  corporations on Earth (Big Pharma) that pushes mind-constricting agents (pills, alchohol, etc) and forbids mind-expanding agents (entheogens, cannabis, healing herbs and nutrients)

the video below briefly describes two OTHER ways to create a nation of zombies:

(10 min.)

(For more incredible info on the fluoride deception see this half-hour video.)




2 responses

1 01 2009
Just me

such crazy conspiracy theories!

‘the government’ is a bunch of individuals with their own agendas

even if there was a ‘the government’ that could coordinate these complex conspiracies, why would it want it’s people dumb? Just to control them for controls sake? That would require too much micromanaging.

TV, Cosmo, alcohol, cheap entertainment are superficial.

The boring truth is that humans have been caught up in the superficiality for a long time.

And what, you probably think reading some deep book, knowing the names of all the countries in the world, or being able to do fancy math is somehow deep and more meaninful.

It is, a little bit.

But deep meaning requires seeing into the depths of who you are. It means being enlightened.

All the categories you have listed on the right side of your blog, they’re just superficialities. 2012 = cosmo, antrhopology = designer hand bags, botany = designer shoes

they’re just little entertainments to keep you amused, and if you were consistent with your theories you’d think the government has somehow forced you to take entertainment from them, to be hypnotized by them to make you more docile.

don’t get me wrong : i love your blog and it entertains me greatly, but conspiracy theories are just superficial distractions disigned by the government to control you ;)

1 01 2009
Evan 057

I appreciate your perspective and opinion very much. As for me, I think Lex Luthor type, hyper-rich, super-villains get a kick out of trying to control geopolitics and cause a lot damage along the way… and it helps when their crimes get exposed to the majority of people who just want peace.

But that’s just me.

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