2008: It’s a wrap!

18 12 2008

Terry’s Timewave actually worked!  Let’s recap:  the UFO didn’t appear in Ala’bama but we did get an O’bama, we have an economic collapse which is being accelerated by the banksters and the government (both old and new administrations), the internet is still legal, cannabis and other entheogens are beginning to be allowable topics in mainstream science, 2012 is a popular meme (soon to be ‘craze’?),  and just about everybody has by now noticed that history has entered a frantic hyperdrive within the collective moment.

Take a breather y’all.   It’s time to gather your strength, assemble your artillery of LOVE, and prepare for the ascension of conscious will into the domain of actuation!  The next four years are ours to give time, ride changes and take charge!  Everything beyond the event horizon belongs to us.  It is a blank canvass starving for our billions of hues and spectra to radiate rainbows of reality all over it.

I know you hear education, economics, spirituality, the endeavors of art, the sciences of health, the questioning of humanity calling, reaching, racing, striving, evolving for some singularity.

I receive the signal, the text, the message, loud and clear… don’t you?

Anything is not only possible, it is highly likely!





3 responses

19 12 2008

Looking at it from the positive angle, eh? Me, too, but that doesn’t make the suspense any less intense. Networking with other awakening agents of chaos and love is looking like the best way to defend against lockdown.

22 12 2008
Evan 057

It’s never good to lose one’s wits either. I wrote this post with a carefree attitude but you are 100% right. Find the others.

25 12 2008

I love you! Merry blank-blankity.

Networking! Good idea.
Hey, internet, I’m an awakening agent of chaos and love and I want YOU to email me!



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