Alien Scientist

23 11 2008

I just discovered this new Youtube series by Alien Scientist and I can fairly say my mind is officially blown!  I haven’t seen anything this novel online since Jake Kotze and Steve Willner began making synchromysticism videos last year.

Alien Scientist shares with us the physical and scientific foundations for speculation and experimentation in antigravity, so-called ‘free-energy’, the Hutchinson Effect, space-time relativity, dimensionality, alien visitation, superferrofluids, quasi-crystal nanophotonics and everything in between.  He seems to be educated in physics and does welcome critique, debate and discussion and presents the material in a straight-forward and accessible manner supported by an nice array of images and animations.

I have posted below the first of 14 (so far) videos he has uploaded in the past couple months.  The link to all the videos, which are best seen sequentially, is HERE.  Unfortunately the sound level in the second and third videos are barely audible, but the rest are fine.

Lots of info-jammed psychetainment here.   Enjoy.

Link to all videos:  AlienScientist

Alien technology 101:




2 responses

22 12 2009
Evan Burke

Please start a dialogue with me. A dialogue with great mutual goals aimed at saving our beautifull planet Earth and grand Universe. I am fully devoting my life to this cause. I tried reaching once before. Please get back to me. I am intetested in creating new free energy availability and inverse gravity vehicles.

Let’s get to work,


24 11 2013

Thanks a million for this one!I had only heard a colpue of tracks from it before, I should have bought it when it first came out…I have been a JULY fan since Bam Caruso reissued their album (retitled “Dandelion Seeds”) about 20 years ago now.great stuff…STRANGELY STRANGE BUT ODDLY…FAMILIAR!

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