Emotive headset demonstration

14 11 2008

The lecture takes about 15 minutes to really get going but then it gets very interesting and entertaining. My head is swimming thinking abut the applications.
(1 hr)

April 9, 2008 lecture by Randy Breen for the Stanford University Computer Systems Colloquium (EE380).

The Emotiv EPOC (www.emotiv.com) now makes it possible for games to be controlled and influenced by the player’s mind. Engaging, immersive, and nuanced, Emotiv-inspired game-play will be like nothing ever seen before. Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a new personal interface for human computer interaction.





One response

24 11 2013

An impressive piece of eqimeupnt, no doubt, and I can’t wait until a fully functional brainwave reader will make keyboards and mice obsolete. Also, the feedback a gamer gets from a game by his emotional states is definitely a fascinating idea. Only thing that troubled me was to see the twitching guy in the wheelchair. No facial recognition vehicles for me, thanks

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