Shapeshifting or ego-tripping?

9 11 2008

Very humorous and insightful comments.

J.M. Fericgla, anthropologist, author, president of the Society of Applied Ethnopsychology (SdEA), and pioneer in the use of Ayahuasca psychotherapy, speaks about entheogens and the ego, and gives a different take on shapeshifting.
(10 min)




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2 01 2009

I do not agree. Well I agree on always being grounded. But I do not agree some ‘expert’ standing over you when you have visionary experience. Yes it helps to have someone ther for support, but not to stop you IF you happen to feel yourself an eagle, or bear, or wolf, etc etc etc!
This man is using all Fruedian terms, and speaking of psychology…? haha, I rather recommend people being educated into the history of Frued and psychiatry and psychology and see the oppressive vile nature of it

Also so-called gurus and spiritual masters. Rather I would say to trust yourself, trust the entheogen. Have respect, and sincere intention, and deep respect for nature. Just that is enough

21 11 2013
James loving the Podcastand I tnhkhtiat your podcast is going to be very interesting.and I will make sure to add you to my podcast rotationif and when you decideto make that leap!because your:A: Super interestingB: have exposed yourself to so many ideas.c: Are genuinely interested inwhat it is all about?Good Job!!:{) llamoSURE SHOT!!

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