Jan Kounen’s ‘Other Worlds’

26 10 2008

Jan Kounen made the psychedelic western, Renegade (aka Blueberry). Blueberry  contains the most accurate depictions of visionary psychedelic journeys ever portrayed on film.  Jan Kounen and the same team of animators and artists from Renegade made a film about Ayahuasca and Shipibo Shamanism entitled, D’autres mondes (Other Worlds).
Here is link to where you can download the torrent or purchase the DVD of Other Worlds: http://www.greylodge.org/gpc/?p=926




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29 10 2008
Other Worlds - by Jan Kounen «

[…] Worlds – by Jan Kounen 13 10 2007 UPDATE:  see THIS […]

18 12 2008
Top 50 trips in movies «

[…] trip scene from said 50 best movie trips.  While the list doesn’t include Moebius’ genius portrayal of galactic ecstasy in Renegade (Blueberry) nor quite a few other pertinent works of cinemagraphic […]

8 03 2009
Online DMT Flash. « The Teleomorph

[…] dimension.  This video is work done by the Moebius/Kounen collaboration that gave us Blueberry and Other Worlds. (BTW, Kounen’s newest film, 99 Francs, is spectacular. If you can find a subtittled copy […]

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