The Federation of Earth (EDMC documentary)

25 10 2008

A impressive looking documentary about global psychedelic electronic dance music culture is gearing up for screenings.   Featuring Goa Gil, Erik Davis, Daniel Pinchbeck, Robin Sylvan, Susan Brunswick, The Wicked Crew, DJ Random, The Oracle, MoonTribe, Tribal Harmonix.

Watch the trailer HERE.


The Federation of Earth is an ethhnographic documentary film that investigates the spiritual and metaphysical dimensions of electronic dance music culture. The film describes the relationship between music and consciousness, the metaphysics of mythology, and a spiritual experience found by so many on the dance floor.  Through this investigation, (|||) creates an epic visual ethnography of the culture that has emerged from a technology of the imagination.  The film also reveals how all of this information coincides with our planet’s alignment with the center of the galaxy on December 21, 2012, investigating why the culture is preparing for a massive synchronized party on that date.




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