Daniel Pinchbeck at Coalescence

16 10 2008

From the recent Coalescence festival in Arkansas.   He touches on a bunch of 2012 related issues such as  crop circles, syncromysticism, occult conspiracies, gnosticism, Mayans, greys, daemons, ancient aliens, spores from space, free energy, shamanism, geometry, fractal time, and mentions his thoughts on folks like Nassim Haramein, Steven Greer, Richard Hoagland, David Icke, Whitley Streiber & Michael Tsarion.

Good stuff.

Below is the video of pt 1 of 6.  Click on it to be redirected to YouTube where you can select a higher quality version (button on lower right of video), full screen version or a subtittles version, and also find parts 5 – 6.




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