Bolivia blocks US anti-drug flights

10 10 2008

Bolivia Blocks US Anti-Drug Flights, Says It Doesn’t Need or Want US Help With Coca Crop

Prsident Evo Morales, former coca grower union leader, whose “zero cocaine, but not zero coca” policy is irking Washington, has stepped up Bolivian sovereignty by denying the DEA drug war planes permission to meddle in their internal affairs.   Another bold move by the first fully-indigenous president of a South American country, following the recent contentions over US spies instigating (failed) phony protests against him.

Hey, how are we supposed to export hundreds of tons of cocaine into the US without government planes?!  No fair!  Well the US is just going to have to tax the living daylights out of little ol’ Bolivia in retaliation which will cost them thousands of jobs which will force the jobless back into the underground cocaine industry.  Nah-neh-neh-nah-nahhhh!

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25 11 2008
President Morales: DEA complicit in drug trade «

[…] DEA complicit in drug trade 25 11 2008 Bolivian President Evo Morales, in explaining his decision to banish the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) from Bolivia (they have three months to leave), has […]

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