The Independent: LSD cured my headache

8 10 2008

A clear, insightful & very informative article has been published by the UK’s Independent about the debilitating affliction of cluster headaches.    Cluster headaches can attack the afflicted up to 8 times per day, and last from 15-60 minutes.  They are genrally described as the most pain a person can experience without dying from shock.   Dr. Peter Goadsby, the world’s leading researcher on cluster headaches, has commented, “The pain of a cluster headache is worse than natural childbirth or even amputation without anesthetic.”    Sadly, many who suffer from this somewhat rare condition commit suicide just to stop the pain.   Over the years it has become apparent that certain entheogenic tryptamines (LSD, LSA, psilocybin, etc) can stop (and prevent) cluster headaches.  Resulting from the independent corroborations that tryptamine psychedelics cure this affliction, some peer-reviewed reports have been published and clinical trials are currently being planned at Harvard Medical, mostly guided by the psychedelics researcher Dr. Andrew Sewell.

If you haven’t been exposed to what cluster headaches actually are, you may want to check out these videos:
(warning, may be upsetting)
More on YouTube.

Read the new article here:  LSD cured my headache

For more info, go to




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