Prize for Genetically Modified Marijuana Food

26 09 2008

A prize incentive will be awarded to the first person to create genetically modified cannabis-food (cannabis cantaloupe, Bong Beans, Ganja Grapes, Kush corn, pot-atoes, etc).  This is actually not very advanced science and entries are expected within the next year.  With the marijuana market at $100 billion in the US alone, and the ability for medical patients to consume their medicine in forms other than smoke, brownies or vapor, the potential is overwhelming.  Not to mention to the inevitable collapse of the war on hemp-users, since cops “won’t know the difference between peanuts and pot-nuts.”




4 responses

27 09 2008
Andrew Apel

See a discussion of this prize at GMObelus,

It appears that the notion of THC oranges dates at least to 1998.

29 09 2008
Evan 057

I remember that. What a supremely wonderful idea that was. I think it was a hoax but based in this real science that is apparently more affordable now. The site says it may cost around $20,000 which is pennies compared to most scientific research projects.

30 09 2008

two women have created a yeast that synthesises a morphine precursor. The strategy and the tools are available. Maybe we can set up a independent lab to make this happen :)

17 10 2008
Florida Biochemist designs a citrus tree with THC «

[…] was wrong.  This article is timely too since it comes right on the heels of the announcement of the Genetically Modified Marijuana Food Prize I posted about […]

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